Thank you for visiting us in Istanbul!

Dear friend, we wish to thank you for visiting our stand in Exposhipping Expomaritt, Istanbul. We are happy you passed by and therefore wish to show our gratitude by sending you a complimentary branded surprise. We kindly ask you to fill in the form below so that we know where to send our gift. We wish you a great day ahead and all the best!

Exhibition form
Through this section of our website we collect your personal data to be able to offer you a branded gift as a thank you note for visiting us in the exhibition.

Please note that this gift is not in any way to be interpreted as a bribe. The nature of the gift is purely intended to support our brand identity, keep the receiver informed with regards to the products and services we offer and act as a token of our appreciation for stopping by and visiting our stand. It is not meant to influence decisions or other business processes.

We kindly request for your consent so that we can introduce your personal information in our data base and be able to send the complimentary gift to the correct person and correct address. If you do not agree, kindly please decline. In this case please note that we will not be able to honor our engagement presented in the exhibition.

For more details kindly please check our Privacy Policy.