Machining Workshop

DMT Marine Equipment has 3 production halls that ensure the production process for all deck equipment delivered. Hall 1 supports the first step in the production process and accommodates all necessary resources to ensure metal construction works. The hall was built in 2012, covers 1.371 square meters and also has 148 square meters for the office building where 40 employees run their daily activity.

Here you can find:

Plasma Cutting ESAB Suprarex

The machine consists of 2 tool stations: Oxy-fuel technology, which implies a vertical cutting of 3-200 mm material thickness and Plasma technology with a vertical cutting range for stainless steel of 3-50 mm. The Plasma technology also allows a vertical bevel cutting range between 6-50 mm for Carbon Steel. Plasma cutting offers cost-performance, high cutting speeds and extremely precise cut edge quality.


The painting sector ensures that all equipment is adequately prepared and protected to avoid rusting and damage throughout the years. We can protect the equipment with 3 to 5 layers of high quality maritime dedicated paint.

Bending Machine FACCIN

The Faccin machine design to bend rolls is suitable for bending plates in a variety of thicknesses. The machine is a technologically advanced product capable of bending varyingly thin or thick plates offering maximum precision, high productivity and long term reliability.