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24 / 7, 365 after sales services

DMT Marine Equipment is not only a winch and deck equipment provider, but also a reliable partner that is able to put at its customers’ disposal around the clock services. We are equipped with the knowledge and experience to provide you service support, the spare parts that you need, maintenance for your older products or repairs.

Our after sales services also include service contracts, commissioning and systems analysis. Our staff is highly skilled in fields such as hydraulics, mechanics, electrics and software and is willing to serve your purposes. Moreover, at DMT, we offer trainings and courses for operators and maintenance personnel.

We offer our customers long term support, an inspection program that ensures that the products that we are commercializing will have the expected life span, as well as high quality spare parts.

Our inspection program includes the following:

  • Reduction gear

During the reduction gear inspection, our staff is looking for any premature wear or damage. Also, a ball bearing inspection takes place in order to detect any noise, clearance or wear. In this process, an inspection of the greasing channels is also essential.

  • Band brakes

A band brake inspection includes the check for excessive wear of ferodo lines, for damages of the braking way, as well as readjustments of the band brake. Also, this type of inspection focuses on the greasing channels, the brake cylinder operation and adjustments and on detecting any excessive wear on the band brakes.

  • Friction clutch

When inspecting the friction clutch, the following aspects are important to check: the ferodo lines, the friction way, the greasing channels and the friction bands. At the same time, it is crucial to make friction cylinder adjustments and operational checks.

  • Hydraulic systems

The hydraulic pump and motor must be checked for abnormal sounds during the operation. A hydraulic system inspection also includes valve readjustments and leakage detection.

  • Electric system inspection

It is crucial to check all electric wires, junction boxes and e-brakes for any damage, water ingress, rust or wear. This type of inspection must take place as often as possible in order to avoid any dangers.

  • Functional test

The functional test is the last phase of the inspection and must be performed in the presence of the client. Its purpose is to test all functions and display the results of the inspection, according to each product’s factory parameters.

  • Reports

A detailed inspection report must be filled in by the technician and signed by the client representative, as proof for the warranty that will be offered by DMT Marine Equipment after the inspection.

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