Anchor Handling Winches

DMT anchor handling winches fulfill all the high-quality standards that we impose on all the equipment that we build. Adapted for any type of vessel, these winches can be designed and produced in different sizes and configurations according to our customers’ requests.

One of the key benefits of DMT anchor handling winches is the customized drum capacity, nominal pull, and brake holding force. This allows clients to choose the right winch for their specific needs. Additionally, these winches combine the best of traditional techniques with new designs and innovative technology, ensuring high efficiency even in challenging weather conditions.

Safety is always a top priority when working offshore, and DMT’s anchor-handling winches have a range of features to help ensure the safety of users. For example, these come with an emergency release function and an overload protection system, which help to reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.
DMT can build anchor-handling winches with a pulling force of up to 360 tons and a breaking force of up to 650 tons. This makes it ideal even for the most demanding offshore operations. Whether you’re working in calm waters or amid a storm, you can trust that your anchor-handling winch will provide you with the performance and reliability you need to get the job done.

Powerful equipment for safe handling operations

DMT reliable anchor-handling winches feature a strong pulling capacity, ensuring safe and smooth operation of any vessel. Our long list of customers is the confirmation of our equipment’s performance in ensuring hassle-free operations. 

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    Electric drive 800[kN] 

    Hydraulic drive 400[kN]

    Hydraulic drive 1000[kN]

    Hydraulic drive 1100[kN]

    Hydraulic drive 400[kN]

    Hydraulic drive 400[kN]

    Hydraulic drive 1000[kN]

    Electric drive 1000[kN]