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Complete custom hydraulic power units

DMT Marine Equipment HPU’s come as standard or custom built systems addressed to the marine markets all over the world. The DMT hydraulic system offers a unique combination of proven technology and innovative design which translates into optimal performance, comfort and efficiency. These HPU’s are specially designed to provide power for a wide range of hydraulically driven equipment such as Winches, A-Frame’s, Dredging systems, Diving systems as well as other types of deck machinery. Our hydraulic equipment is manufactured in accordance with the highest quality standards and customization can be done in various ways.

We address different markets

The versatility of the DMT Hydraulic Control Systems permits a vast applicability to basically any hydraulic driven equipment present on a vessel such as cylinders, cranes and more. The complexity of the HPU`s allows them to be successfully used in applications across multiple industries whilst the level of customization we provide makes them a perfect solution for any heavy duty equipment.