Over the years, we have manufactured a diversity of steel products for many different shipping and offshore principals. Through professionally supervised production processes in Europe, we serve our clients with high quality construction capacity. Supported by our in-house engineering department we can provide a total production outsourcing solution. Examples of dredging equipment we can provide are:


Suction Arm Sections
Drag Heads
Dredge Valves
Turning Glands
Suction Arm Connectors

Drag Heads

Drag heads are essential to the dredging process and any choice you make for such an equipment must ensure the extraction of the maximum amount of soil, in the minimum amount of time while preserving minimal costs.


Making no concessions on quality generates a robust and reliable product. Using high quality products and keeping an eye on details both from the design point of view as well as the execution process of the valves, makes maintenance seem like a piece of cake whilst ensuring a long lifetime and minimum operational damage.

Suction Pipes

Our engineering team can tailor the suction pipe models according to your specific requirements and desired features. The quality of the elements ensures optimal operational cost effectiveness and low maintenance.