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Quality Control

In the past years we have successfully implemented the in-house inspection for the FAT tests which makes us stand in front of our competitors. Our highly trained quality control engineers make sure that the crafting, welding and painting process are completely and corrected executed in our production facilities by Non-Destructive Testing. These dimensional checking’s have the purpose to exceed any quality standard that’s why we stand for the motto: We never deliver an equipment without an extensive quality control!

Our non-destructive testing (NDT)

NDT, or non-destructive testing, is the go-to method for assessing the properties of various materials, components, structures, and systems. It effectively pinpoints differences, defects, and flaws in welding without causing harm to the original piece. This approach allows for a comprehensive assessment without compromising the integrity of the tested material or structure. Unsurprisingly, it is widely utilized across industries to guarantee the quality, safety, and dependability of components.

At DMT Marine Equipment we understand that NDT is a crucial resource in assessing the sturdiness of materials and detecting any possible flaws or anomalies present. Through the utilization of techniques such as ultrasonic testing, penetrant, magnetic particle testing, and visual inspection, NDT enables a thorough analysis of both the internal and external characteristics of a material or component.

When it comes to manufacturing winches and other deck equipment, non-destructive testing (NDT) is absolutely crucial. This method enables experts in the industry to effectively assess the integrity of welds, identify hidden defects, and ensure that all components meet the required standards. Not only does this promote increased safety measures, but it also enhances the strength and resilience of materials that undergo testing. As a result, NDT seamlessly aligns with the production of durable and dependable winches and other deck fittings.

Visual Testing 

Penetrant Testing 

Magnetic Testing 

Ultrasonic Testing