L.A.R.S (Launch and Recovery Systems)

DMT Marine Equipment is a trusted supplier of producing and developing advanced Launch and Recovery Systems (L.A.R.S) for offshore operations. These systems play a crucial role in launch and recovery activities, tailored to meet the specific demands of diverse industries, working environments, and client preferences. Our team of skilled engineers is dedicated to creating customised L.A.R.S solutions that align precisely with the unique requirements of each project. We design these systems to ensure optimal performance and adaptability in various scenarios.

Our comprehensive L.A.R.S systems incorporate a range of essential components, including high-capacity umbilical winches, level wind mechanisms, hydraulic motors, slip rings, frames or cranes, sheaves, latch mechanisms, hydraulic power units, mounting skids, and optional features that enhance functionality and versatility. Safety is a top priority in our designs, and we use heavy-duty materials and robust safety components to guarantee the utmost reliability even in the most challenging circumstances.

DMT’s certified L.A.R.S. engineered with precision and resilience

Certified for their quality and performance, our launch and recovery systems are engineered to withstand rigorous usage while maintaining their efficiency. Regardless of the environment or working conditions, these systems are engineered never to falter, showcasing their remarkable adaptability and resilience. DMT stands out through our personalized strategy, catering to diverse requirements with a range of specialized offerings. Among these are Taut Wire Position Reference Systems, ensuring precision across applications. Our Deployment Machines assure secure and controlled equipment deployment, while Diving Installations optimize launch and recovery in underwater operations. A-Frames enable precise lifting and placement of heavy loads.

Our dedication to innovation, safety, and adaptability positions DMT Marine Equipment as the top preference for industries seeking state-of-the-art Launch and Recovery Systems tailored precisely to any demand.

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