L.A.R.S (Launch and recovery systems)

The L.A.R.S systems that are being produced and developed by DMT Marine Equipment are designed to perform offshore operations that involve launch and recovery activities. Depending on the environment, the working conditions and the client requirements. DMT engineers strive to build customized L.A.R.S systems that respond to the needs of various industries.

Our systems include umbilical winches with high capacity, level wind mechanisms, hydraulic motors, a slip ring, a frame or a crane, a sheave, a latch mechanism, a hydraulic power unit, a mounting skid and other optional features. All the launch and recovery systems are certified, built with functionality in mind, using heavy duty materials and safety components. They are meant to never let you down and adapt under any environment working conditions.

We work on a custom-built basis and can offer different products as below:

Taut Wire Position Reference Systems

Deployment Machines

Diving Instalations


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    taut wire reference systems

    diving instalations

    diving instalations

    diving instalations

    A frame

    A frame

    deployment machines