Mega Yacht Equipment

DMT Marine Equipment is one of the largest deck equipment designer and producer in the world. With an extensive track record of over 2,700 vessels equipped, DMT is constantly chosen as a preferred supplier by major shipbuilders and ship owners worldwide. One of the specialties DMT has, is designing and producing stainless steel deck equipment for yachts and mega yachts.
DMT can provide a high-end classy product either standard or tailored to the specific technical requirements of the client, that will fit even the most pretentious yacht deck.
Being a company that benefits form in-house engineering, production and testing facilities, DMT offers you the advantage of a one stop shop which supplies equipment like: deck/mooring/pockets and under water solutions in one delivery.

Anchor Capstans

Due to our extensive experience, in-house engineering team and testing units we can deliver any type of capstan, in any desired configuration and in high polished stainless steel yacht execution.


The DMT bollards are highly stable, provide safe and secure mooring operations and come in various shapes and sizes. For the Yachting industry, we deliver mirror polished stainless steel bollards.


We deliver 316L stainless steel fairleads which are both classy and practical. Our seamless welds and smooth finishing ensure a product fit for the grand yachting industry.

Reel Winches

The DMT reel winches are mainly designed based on the client’s specifications. They can come with a manual, electric or hydraulic drive depending on their application. You can also have the winches with mirror polished elements to fit the environment they are destined for.

Mooring Capstans

Our mooring capstans have a special design that prevents the wear and tear of the rope during operations as well as its accidental slip beneath the mooring head thus avoiding sudden brakes. For the yachting industry we provide mirror polished AISI 316L stainless steel equipment realized to the highest standards in quality and design.