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DMT Marine Equipment stands as a beacon of excellence in the world of deck equipment design and production of yacht and mega yacht equipment, boasting a remarkable legacy of outfitting multiple vessels. Esteemed as a preferred supplier by distinguished shipbuilders and ship owners across the globe, DMT’s reputation is built on a foundation of expertise and innovation.

One of DMT’s areas of distinction lies in crafting stainless steel deck equipment tailored for yachts and mega yachts, where luxury meets precision engineering. We deliver impeccable product, whether in standard form or customized to meet the most intricate technical specifications of clients. This dedication is empowered by DMT’s vertically integrated approach, encompassing in-house engineering, production, and testing facilities. This unique advantage positions DMT as a one-stop-shop, offering a comprehensive range of equipment – from deck and mooring solutions to underwater devices – in a single streamlined delivery.

DMT exclusively crafted equipment: A testament to quality and precision engineering

Discover the world of DMT Marine Equipment, where exclusivity meets precision engineering. As a pioneer in deck equipment design and production, we stand as a testament to quality. From crafting customized winches for yachts to engineering top-tier deck equipment, DMT is synonymous with excellence.

DMT produces custom winches tailored to yachts, meeting their distinct specifications. These winches feature either electric or hydraulic drive systems and hold certification in line with European standards. Anchor Capstans form one of the cornerstones of DMT’s portfolio. Our proficient in-house engineering team, and testing units, fashions capstans of all varieties and configurations, resplendent in high-polished stainless steel. This expertise extends to Bollards, in order to offer resolute stability and to ensure the safety and security of mooring operations. The world of yachting is indulged with mirror-polished stainless-steel bollards, representing a perfect fusion of functionality and aesthetics. When it comes to Fairleads, DMT embraces timeless and practical craftsmanship. Forged from 316L stainless steel, these fairleads harmonize elegance and functionality. Impeccable, seamless welds and a flawless finish epitomize exceptional quality, rendering them a perfect match for the opulence of the yachting realm. Our Reel Winches are tailored to fulfil each client’s specifications. Available with manual, electric, or hydraulic drives, these winches are crafted to impeccable standards, with every component intricately planned. The option for a mirrored polished finish seamlessly integrates them into their designated surroundings. DMT’s Mooring Capstans, distinguished by their ingenious design, exemplify our commitment to both safety and aesthetics. The prevention of rope wear and tear during operations and accidental slippage beneath the mooring head underscores the precision of DMT’s engineering. Polished to a mirror-like brilliance, these capstans exemplify the apex of quality and design standards, embodying the essence of the yachting experience.

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