Our Production Plant

DMT Marine Equipment started its activity in 2001. Ever since, the only focus was to develop the products delivered and expand the manufacturing facilities. Today, DMT has 3 workshops with about 5400 sqm workspace and plans on investing in a 4th one. Our production plant ensures, among others works such as: Steel construction, Metal Cutting, Steel and Stainless Steel Welding, Plates Bending, Pipes Bending, Grinding, Polishing, Mirror Polishing for Stainless Steel, Cleaning and Noncorrosive Protection, Sand blasting, Painting, Turning Works, Milling & Drilling and so much more. For more details please check our CNC Park page or download the brochure.

What we provide

DMT is a dedicated company that serves the maritime sector delivering cutting-edge deck equipment. We have all the resources necessary to provide complete and complex deck solutions for any type of vessel. Whether you require standard products or custom-built solutions, we have the capability to meet your needs. Additionally, we have also developed our own Electric and Hydraulic Departments so that we can deliver a reliable, low maintenance, one-stop-shop solution. These developments, in combination with our precise engineering team, give us the opportunity to offer complete systems and solutions that fit any request. We are dedicated to ensuring reliability, efficiency, and safety for our clients, ensuring that our deck equipment not only meets industry standards but exceeds expectations. At DMT, we pride ourselves on being a trusted deck supplier, equipped to handle various requirements within the maritime sector, backed by a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Explore the complexities of our entire production process by clicking on the DISCOVERY button below the images, which will guide you to our dedicated pages concerning our in-house production. This experience will show you our operations, offering detailed insights into how we meticulously execute each step. Take the opportunity to discover and gain a comprehensive understanding of our commitment to quality in every aspect of our production.

Precise Engineering

production plant - Precise Engineering

Machining Works

production plant - Machining Works

Assembly & Testing

production plant - In-house testing


production plant - Automation

Quality Control

production plant - Quality Control
production plant
production plant
production plant
production plant
production plant
production plant