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The DMT engineering team of highly trained and qualified engineers can assist you with the modification of a standard product into a custom-built winch that meets your exact specifications. Tailor-made doesn’t mean more expensive. With equipment that perfectly connects to your wishes and situation, you can work more efficiently. Your winch will do precisely what you want and need it to do – nothing more, nothing less.All our winches and naval equipment are in-house engineered and certified according to the highest standards. The vast majority is built according to the requirements of Marine Class Societies such as DNV, BV, LR, RMRS, RINA,  ABS technologies.

Precision in every design: Unlocking cost-effective excellence with tailored winch solutions

The advantage of our tailored solutions extends beyond meeting specific requirements; it resonate with cost-effectiveness. By investing in a custom-built winch that precisely caters to your needs, you eliminate unnecessary features and functionalities, resulting in an optimized and cost-efficient solution. This personalized approach guarantees that your investment aligns perfectly with your operational goals.

In addition to personalized customization, our focus on in-house engineering enables a smooth and efficient development process. From concept to execution, our team ensures that every aspect of your winch is crafted with precision and in accordance with the highest industry standards.

Our engineers start projects by designing the equipment from scratch. Whether you opt for electric or hydraulic systems, our team of experts delivers comprehensive, clean, and leak-free Hydraulic Power Units (HPU). The user-friendly control systems, including the bridge control board and local bridge controls, are thoughtfully crafted to improve operational ease. Our engineers ensure seamless integration of the chosen system, providing a reliable and efficient solution customized to your specific needs. Trust in our expertise to deliver cutting-edge designs and technology that redefine the standards of precision and functionality in the winch equipment world.

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