User-friendly Control Systems

DMT is a trusted supplier of comprehensive electrical control systems and automation services tailored specifically for the deck machinery industry. Benefiting from an in-house team of highly skilled professionals, we stand out with the ability to deliver intricate and personalized solutions that effectively address the wide-ranging requirements of our clients.

One of the core strengths of DMT lies in our ability to cater to winches of all sizes and types, making it a versatile and reliable partner for businesses operating in the marine sector. Whether it’s a small-scale winch for light-duty operations or a large-scale, heavy-duty winch for demanding tasks, DMT can design and implement the perfect control system to ensure seamless and efficient operations.

Every component used in the electrical control systems is carefully selected and engineered to not only meet the rigorous standards of marine classifications but also comply with stringent quality requirements. This dedication to quality ensures that the products are not only reliable and durable but also cost-optimized, providing long-term value to the clients.

In an ever-evolving technological landscape, DMT remains at the forefront by incorporating the latest innovations into its products. The electrical control systems are designed to seamlessly integrate with the latest technologies, enabling clients to stay ahead in the rapidly advancing marine industry.

Your trusted partner for customized Electrical Systems in the Deck Machinery industry

At DMT, the customer is at the heart of everything we do, guaranteeing that each project receives the highest level of dedication and attention to detail. From the very beginning of a project to its final installation and beyond, DMT places a strong emphasis on open and transparent communication, fostering close collaboration with our clients throughout the entire process. This proactive and responsive approach fosters trust and confidence in the partnership, as clients feel valued and supported throughout the journey. As a result, the solutions delivered by DMT are finely tuned to match the unique demands of each client, providing them with cutting-edge electrical control systems and automation services that lead to increased efficiency, reliability, and overall success in the deck machinery industry.

Control System for 

Anchor Handling Towing Winch 400 kN


Electric Control Set for 

Aft & Fore Mooring Winches 160 kN

control systems - Electric-Control-Set-for-Aft-and-Fore-Mooring-Winches

Control System for 

Mooring Winch 250 kN

control systems - CONTROL-STATION-217063

Radio Remote Control for

Mooring Winch 250 kN

control systems - Radio-Remote-Control-for-Mooring-Winch

Control System for 

Towing Winch 300 kN


Control System for 

Anchor Mooring Winch 60 kN

control systems - CONTROL-STATION

Control System for 

Tugger Winch 18 kN

control systems - Local-Contril-for-Tugger-Winches

Control Panel for 

Hydraulic Pump

control systems - Control-Panel-Hydraulic-Pump

Local Deck Control for 

Mooring Winches 160 kN

control systems - Local-control-for-Mooring-Winches

Control System for 

Anchor Mooring Capstan 26 kN


Bridge Control Board for 

Mooring Winches 100 kN

control systems - Windlass-Control-Panel

Control Panel for 

Towing Winch 100 kN

control systems - Control-Panel-for-Towing-Winch