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TUGTECHNOLOGY Conference – Getting the grips with new deck gear

Our CEO Piet ter Schure had an amazing time at TUGTECHNOLOGY Conference this year, sharing ideas about realistic solutions for our industry in its efforts to lower footprint and increase environment conservation.

Below is a short overview related to the approached topic at TUGTECHNOLOGY Conference:

“The tugboat shipbuilding industry is propelled by several factors, including the surge in worldwide demand for oil and natural gas, the construction and expansion of seaports, and the growth of maritime trade and fleet size. One of the primary drivers of the tugboat market’s expansion in the near future is the increasing popularity of eco-friendly tugboats. It’s been a visible trend for a few years already, that the major market players are trying to adapt and innovate in finding the best environmentally inoffensive solutions. The recent pandemic, the IMO regulations as well as the difficult geopolitical context that compromised business relations and generated great price increases for energy and fuel, and also a low availability of components on the market, determined a rapid twist of perspective in many fields. Only a few years ago suppliers were bidding their lowest prices as this was the main selection criteria. Nowadays, the future-proof ship places technology and quality at the top of the list. For DMT Marine Equipment, a company that puts quality at the heart of its products and services, this new approach is a perfect suit. On the other hand, the changes in the way vessels are built have impacted our traditional processes and have determined us to test more in terms of technical solutions. It became a “must” for DMT to bring his effective contribution to a more sustainable future! Therefore, we developed our own processes and technologies and, in the end, a new winch concept. We are happy to have built a dream company for technology lovers, and we have all the capabilities to create, design, produce and test everything in-house.

…The industry that we are part of, is forced to rapidly change and develop. Protecting the environment, resource conservation, fuel crisis, geopolitical complicated context – all these factors are pushing us all to make decisions, to break the routine of the last years, and to develop solutions adapted to the times that we are living.
While the challenges of the future will keep testing us, we strongly believe that partnering is the key solution for healthy, long-term development. We need to combine knowledge, ideas, and resources of all kinds to align with the request of the market trends.

On its hand, DMT Marine Equipment will always show openness to team up for engineering the smartest technical solutions.

As a famous slogan states: Let’s make things better! (Phillips) we encourage all the members of our industry to create valuable partnerships and generate impressive projects and innovative technical solutions.”