Boom Guy Winches

DMT anchor boom guy winches are mechanical devices which are used to regulate the motion of the boom on either a floating platform or a ship. These are specifically designed to provide a secure anchor point for the boom guy, which is a cable or rope that is attached to the end of the boom and utilized to control its movement.

The winch is positioned close to the bottom of the boom, and it is operated by a crew member who utilizes either a manual hand crank or a motor to control the tension on the guy. Our winches are available in two variations – electric and hydraulic-driven. These winches are intended for assignments such as storing cable, hauling, or veering the anchor.

The primary purpose of the boom guy winch is to avoid the uncontrolled swinging of the boom in challenging weather conditions, such as heavy seas or high winds, which can pose a risk to both the crew and the vessel. By keeping the boom securely anchored to the deck or platform, the winch helps to uphold stability and ensure safety on board.

Ensuring safety and efficiency during cargo operations

In addition to its safety function, the DMT anchor boom guy winches have a significant role in controlling the boom’s movement during cargo operations. Our winches can be used to raise and lower the boom, modify its position, and regulate the tension on the guy, guaranteeing the secure and efficient loading and unloading of cargo.

DMT’s winches play a critical role in cargo handling by managing the boom’s position, ensuring the cargo in the correct location for safe and efficient transport. It can also control the tension on the guy to prevent any damage to the cargo or the boom. Additionally, the winches are engaged to lift the boom and store it securely when not in use.

DMT anchor boom guy winches have a dual role in ensuring safety and efficiency during cargo handling, making them an indispensable tool for any maritime industry.

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    Electric drive 50[kN]

    boom guy winches

    Electric drive 50[kN]

    boom guy winches

    Electric drive 50[kN]

    boom guy winches