Mooring Winches

Specializing in top-of-the-line mooring winches, DMT Marine Equipment is renowned for manufacturing high-quality products that play an important role in securing the shipboard end of mooring lines. Our winches provide not only a secure connection but also enable easy line length adjustments and compensate for fluctuations caused by tides and drafts. To cater to our clients’ diverse requirements, we offer a wide range of options, including automatic or manual tensioning products and various power sources like hydraulic or electric.

Our mooring winches are designed to deliver exceptional performance, with pulling forces of up to 350 tons and braking forces of up to 650 tons. Regardless of the weather conditions, our winches serve as reliable guide and support for vessel maneuvering, ensuring the ship’s stability during loading and unloading procedures. Even in demanding maritime environments, our sturdy and dependable winches enable seamless operations for the vessel.

To cater to specific requirements, we provide a wide selection of mooring winches and control systems with various specifications. Our comprehensive range includes complex systems and multiple options, enabling our winches to perform various functions. Whether you need winches for guiding vessel movements, supporting maneuvering, or securely holding and positioning the ship, we have the right solution for you. Our products are meticulously manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality and durability. With our reliable mooring winches, you can enhance the safety and efficiency of your maritime operations.

Enhancing maritime operations with reliable and durable winches

We take pride in the meticulous manufacturing process of our products, ensuring they meet the highest standards of quality and durability. Our mooring winches are built to withstand the demanding conditions of maritime operations while providing reliable performance. Choosing our winches for diverse maritime operations will boost both safety and efficiency levels. Trust our reliable mooring winches to deliver exceptional results and contribute to the success of your projects.

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    Hydraulic drive 700[kN]

    Hydraulic drive 450[kN]

    Hydraulic drive 400[kN]

    Electric drive 250[kN]

    Electric drive 160[kN]

    Electric drive 160[kN]

    Electric drive 160[kN]

    Electric drive 150[kN]

    Hydraulic drive 140[kN]

    Electric drive 110[kN]

    Electric drive 110[kN]

    Electric drive 110[kN]

    Electric drive 100[kN]

    Electric drive 80[kN]

    Hydraulic drive 70[kN]

    Hydraulic drive 55[kN]

    Electric drive 50[kN]

    Electric drive 20[kN]

    Electric drive 20[kN]

    Electric drive 20[kN]