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Winches have a variety of utilities. Ever since their importance has been observed in the ancient world’s work fields, several industries have focused on developing complex, powerful and practical winches. Nowadays, thanks to high-end technologies and brilliant engineers, we can focus on bringing better and more effective products on the market.
Our 100% custom designed winches are built to withstand the harshest marine conditions. We deliver various types of winches to comply all our customers’ needs.

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Harbor & terminal

Keep your work productive and safe in harbors and terminals! We deliver a wide range of winches in different configurations and any size, according to our clients’ requirements. We always listen to our customers’ feedback and continuously improve our products.
Navigate through our diversified catalogue to find the tools and equipment with the design, lifting capacity, construction and configuration that suit you best.

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Robust and resistant in the harshest environments! DMT Fishing Winches combine the advantages of traditional technologies with new designs and innovative tech, resulting in systems that can be used efficiently regardless of the weather conditions.

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It has never been so easy to rely on offshore systems such as it is now! At DMT Marine Equipment, besides our main focus on winches, we provide state of the art monitoring and control systems.
We provide complete mooring systems, taut wire position reference systems, and launch & recovery systems on a turn-key basis. In a world such as ours, where everything is connected and the industries are changing so fast, our offshore solutions make our clients’ work more efficient and productive.

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Research Vessels

Due to our Engineering department, own production units and testing facilities we can easily comply to any requests of deck machinery for Research Vessels. We have extensive experience in deck machinery and we delivery a cost efficient qualitative product.

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Merchant & Transport

DMT Marine Equipment serves the Merchant & Transport sector with various types of standard and custom-built deck machinery. From Anchor Mooring Winches of all shapes and sizes, to hatch cover winches and coupling machinery we provide our customers with products that are reliable and low maintenance.

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Over the years, we have manufactured a diversity of steel products for many different shipping and offshore principals. Through professionally supervised production processes in Europe, we serve our clients with high quality construction capacity. Supported by our in-house engineering department we can provide a total production outsourcing solution. Examples of special equipment we can provide are: Suction Arm Sections, Drag Heads, Dredge Valves, Turning Glands, Suction Arm Connectors, Merchant & Transport.

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Yacht Equipment

Yachting is one of the most popular water activities among travelers, who enjoy their every moment on the boat. Bring your contribution to the passengers’ and personnel’s experience by equipping yachts with everything they need to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

At DMT Marine Equipment you will find a wide range of products that assure you a safe navigation. Whether you need technical equipment, engines, electric systems, sanitation products, sailing accessories or navigation systems, we can provide you with the best products at competitive prices.

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Deck Equipment

DMT Marine Equipment supplies you with deck equipment that is reliable, practical and durable. Whether your need chocks, warping rollers, bollards, fairlead, capstans, chain stoppers, guiding rollers or towing equipment, we can supply your business with the right products and solutions for long-term efficiency.

All the products supplied by DMT Marine Equipment meet safety and governmental standards. Also, they can be produced and set based on the customer’s requirements and specifications.

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