Ramp Winches

DMT Ramp winches are providing exceptional performance for a wide range of applications related to loading and unloading ramps on ships, ferries, and not only. These winches are specifically engineered to ensure the safe and efficient movement of ramps, serving as critical components that bridge the gap between the vessel and the shore or a dock.

Our winches have been meticulously crafted to meet the rigorous requirements of ramp operations, emphasizing dependability and long-lasting performance. Designed with utmost attention to reliability and strength, they boast exceptional load capacity, effortlessly accommodating ramps of different weights and sizes. The winches are dedicated to enduring the dynamic forces involved in deploying and retracting ramps, ensuring stability and optimal functionality in all maritime settings.

DMT winches have advanced control mechanisms, empowering operators with precise command over the entire process. With hydraulic or electric control systems, these winches facilitate effortless management of speed and tension during ramp operations. Such precise control is crucial to guarantee the safety of personnel and cargo, ensuring the smooth and secure execution of embarkation and disembarkation procedures.

DMT winches prioritize safety in maritime operations by integrating an extensive array of safety features. These encompass limit switches to prevent ramps from overextending or retracting excessively, emergency stop buttons that ensure swift response during critical situations, overload protection mechanisms that safeguard against excessive loads, and fail-safe systems designed to mitigate potential risks. By incorporating these safety measures, our ramp winches actively contribute to accident prevention, significantly reducing the risk of injuries or equipment damage.

Ensuring safe and efficient ramp operations in maritime applications

Tailored to the specific requirements of each vessel, the installation of DMT ramp winches provides customizable options like deck mounting or dedicated winch rooms, based on the vessel’s design and layout. Rigorous installation procedures are diligently enforced to guarantee the secure positioning of the winches, enabling them to endure the challenging conditions experienced during maritime operations.

To ensure optimal performance, it is crucial to conduct regular maintenance and inspections for our winches. This supervision includes routine lubrication, thorough examinations for signs of wear and tear, and systematic evaluations of control and safety systems. By adhering to recommended maintenance schedules, the longevity of the winches is enhanced, ensuring reliable and consistent performance throughout their operational lifespan.

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    Electric drive 25[kN]

    Electric drive 25[kN]

    Electric drive 25[kN]