Spanwire Winches

The DMT Marine Equipment spanwire winches or highline winches play a crucial role in the rigging and tensioning of substantial cables or wires between predetermined points on ships or offshore structures. Its wide-ranging applications encompass offshore oil and gas operations, ship-to-ship transfers, and marine construction projects, cementing its status as an indispensable tool within the industry.

Engineered to handle substantial loads, these winches offer the essential power to firmly tension cables or wires. Typically, they feature a sturdy drum or spool around which the cable or wire is wound. To generate the necessary pulling force, a motor or hydraulic system is integrated into the winch’s design. Mounting arrangements are meticulously planned to ensure the winch is securely attached to an appropriate structure on the vessel or offshore platform.

The key purpose of the DMT Marine Equipment spanwire winch is to create a temporary highline – a raised cable or wire that establishes a connection or support between two points. This innovative solution serves various functions, such as facilitating the transfer of personnel or equipment between vessels, providing vital support during lifting operations that involve significant loads, and enhancing the stability of structures during construction or maintenance tasks.

To ensure safe and efficient operations, these winches are equipped with a range of features. Tension control systems are integrated to precisely manage the amount of tension in the cables or wires. Safety mechanisms are implemented to protect personnel and equipment from potential hazards. Additionally, remote control capabilities offer operators the convenience and flexibility to control the winch from a safe distance.

Reliable highline winches built to withstand harsh marine environments

DMT Marine Equipment recognizes the harsh conditions that prevail in the marine environment. With a keen understanding of these challenges, they meticulously design their spanwire winches to withstand such demanding circumstances. These winches undergo careful engineering, incorporating corrosion resistance features that are well-suited for the marine environment. This thoughtful design approach ensures that the winches have exceptional longevity and durability, even when subjected to saltwater environments. DMT Marine Equipment’s commitment to producing high-quality winches that can thrive in marine conditions makes them a reliable choice for the maritime industry.

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    Hydraulic drive 80[kN]

    Hydraulic drive 80[kN]

    Hydraulic drive 80[kN]