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Hybrid winches – DMT Marine Equipment’s solution for effectively reducing greenhouse gas emissions

The Nor-Shipping Exhibition has been all about maximizing opportunities and fostering valuable relationships. In a captivating interview with MarineLink, our colleague Adrian-Marius Paraschiv delved into the benefits of using Hybrid winches as an effective solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Check out the brief overview below and click the link for the full interview.

“…the primary trend in the maritime sector revolves around environmental concerns and the adoption of technologies with minimal ecological impact. In a world that is increasingly focused on reducing its carbon footprint and transitioning away from fossil fuels, electric hybrid winches have emerged as a crucial technology. “This type of winches allows us to harness the power of renewable energy in an effort to reduce the operational carbon footprint, all while maintaining the high levels of performance and efficiency that are expected from our winches,” explains Piet. At this stage, the DMT hybrid winch has exited the design phase and is set for production and testing at the company’s premises in Europe by the end of this year. “Our electric hybrid winches represent a game-changing solution that not only improves performance but also supports global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and combat climate change.”

DMT Marine Equipment relies on the collaboration of its longstanding partners, such as shipyards and fleet owners, to implement this innovative winch system on board vessels. Together, they aim to make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change and promote a more sustainable future for the maritime industry. “While the challenges of the future will keep testing us, we strongly believe that partnering is the key solution for healthy, long-term development. We need to combine knowledge, ideas, and resources of all kinds to align with the request of the market trends”, Piet concludes.”