DMT Marine Equipment is a trusted provider of durable, high-quality winches tailored for various applications. We prioritize continuous improvement in technology and processes to meet client needs effectively. Whether you need a winch for fishing, oil and gas exploration, or other marine applications, our wide range of deck equipment options can help make your work easier and more efficient. We pride ourselves on durable, reliable, and custom-designed equipment built to withstand challenging marine conditions. Our top priority is quality and safety, which is why we strive to meet the industry’s highest safety standards for all of our products. DMT’s team of experts is always eager to listen to your ideas and advise you on the most suitable equipment options for your project. We welcome any queries you may have and urge you to get in touch with us.

Anchor Handling Winch

One of the key benefits of the DMT’s Anchor Handling Winch is the drum capacity, nominal pull, and brake holding force. This allows clients to choose the right winch for their specific needs. This combine the best of traditional techniques with new designs and innovative technology, ensuring high efficiency even in challenging weather conditions.

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Anchor Mooring Winch

The DMT Marine Equipment’s Anchor Mooring Winch is a reliable solution for clients in need of mooring systems. The winch is specially designed to have a range of optional features, allowing it to be customized for each special project. This flexibility is essential for clients who may require different characteristics based on their particular operational necessities.

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Anchor Towing Winch

DMT Marine Equipment’s Anchor Towing Winch available in different sizes and configurations is equipped with either hydraulic or electrical drive, proving dependability, and effectiveness while operating. The winch is specially designed for use in ports and terminal tugs, and depending on the client’s needs, we can equip it with one or two towing drums.

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Escort Towing Winch

We are highly proud of our in-house produced Escort Towing Winch, which plays an important part in ensuring the safe operation of tugboats. DMT is able to design products that can be tailored to fit the unique requirements of our customers. Our escort winches can be featured with a double drum and include an additional anchor.

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hatch cover winches

Hatch Cover Winch

Cargo ships are responsible for transporting goods across the seas, and hatch cover winches are an essential component of these ships’ safety measures. These help in securing the cargo and protecting crew members. Therefore, it is essential to have top-quality products that can bear heavy loads and provide an efficient hatch cover system.

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Cable Reel Winch

DMT Marine Equipment’s cable reel winches are precisely engineered to exhibit durability, reliability, and user-friendly operation. Crafted from top-of-the-line materials, these winches possess the ability to endure the challenging marine environment, effectively combating saltwater corrosion, extreme temperatures, and demanding usage conditions.

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Spud Pole Winch

We recognize the significance of dependable equipment for ships at DMT. For this reason, we manufacture top Spud Pole Winches that have become increasingly important on working ships, providing valuable support while operating. These winches allow the secure anchoring of a ship in various weather conditions, increasing safety during loading and unloading.

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Astern Fueling Winches

Astern Fueling Winch

Astern Fueling Winches are designed to handle the heavy loads being associated with transferring fuel at sea. These are typically located at the stern or aft of the ship, allowing for easier access to the fuel hose or pipe used to transfer fuel. Our products can be operated manually or through a remote-control system, allowing control and precision during  operations.

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boom guy winches

Boom-Guy Winch

Our Boom-Guy Winch is a mechanical device which is used to regulate the motion of the boom on either a floating platform or a ship. This is specifically designed to provide a secure anchor point for the boom guy, which is a cable or rope that is attached to the end of the boom and utilized to control its movement. The winches are intended for assignments such as storing cable, hauling, or veering the anchor.

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